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MMOs Almost as Popular as Social Networks with Young Europeans

So heres your fascinating factoid of the day, taken from a study by Synovate, a market research firm, which recently conducted a broad survey of Europeans between 18-24:

Of those interviewed, 25 percent use social networks. And 19 percent play MMOs.

Talk about upending common assumptions! Despite a mere 6% disparity, if asked to name a popular Net-based activity for the young, most people are far more likely to name MySpace or Facebook, than World of Warcraft or Habbo Hotel.

“What we find is that it is pretty mundane things that they are doing online,” Synovates Julian Rolfe told Media Life Magazine that is, e-mail and instant messaging. “The opinion on social networking sites is that the perception among 18 to 24s is that it is younger people that are doing ittheir younger brothers and sisters.”

So if the study holds up, social networks are less popular than generally assumed though Im actually not surprised, given the time and effort it takes to create a worthwhile presence. Whats truly surprising is how prevelant MMORPGs have become, with young adults. (More than blogging, which Synovate tallies at 15% usage.) And my guess is if social networks are more popular with the under-18 set, so are MMOs.

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